How the mysterious dark net is going mainstream

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Online reflection 2

This was a very interesting speech by Jamie Bartlett who works as a social media analyst. He talks about "How the mysterious Dark Net is going mainstream", what this place is all about and how things works on this secret place. So what is the mysterious Dark Net all about? Basically it is a place for everyone who does not want to give up their footprints or identity and it does this by encrypting your IP address and then routing it via several other computers around the world that use the same software. The Dark Net is a parallel internet accessed by a special browser that normally people don’t use. He also explains that it is not only used by an illegal agenda, it actually contains several legitimate sites.

After listening to his entire speech in which he explains the advantages and disadvantages to encrypt and protect our identities on the Internet, I began to question if it really was, as he claimed that both sides win? There will always be criminals who will do anything to make money from example, drugs or pornography and this is a way to simplify things for these people at all levels from my point of view. I think it is wrong. Especially in the drug trade. Although there are advantages that generate a better world for those who use drugs I still feel a bit ambivalent.

Jamie Bartlett explains that by allowing users to leave feedback on products, there is a history record of the vendors and therefore people dare to buy the products and know with certainty what they get delivered and when they will receive the products. This allows life threatening drug get eliminated from the market because of the user reviews, which is a good thing but it may also do so more inexperienced users dare to buy online, and without seeing any risks. Risks makes us think about it once or twice before we buy something. To see the risks and to make a risk analysis before you buy something usually results in that you do not buy the product right away. It minimizes impulse purchases.

I see many positive effects for the opposing team (the vendors) those who for sure just want to make money. The network is already full of people who abuse their power behind their computer screen. I do not think we should advocate the freedom online. There are laws and rules for a reason and that reason should reflect our morals and respect for others.

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