Online reflection 3 | A Thousand Splendid Suns

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For the last online reflection, I have decided to reflect on the book "A Thousand Splendid Suns" written by Khaled Hosseini.

The book is about Mariam who grows up outside Herat, a small city in Afghanistan. She lives with her mom in a small cottage and she is not familiar with the world on the outside. Before Mariam's birth her mom Nana, was a housekeeper for a rich businessman in Herat named Jalil but then Jalil impregnates Nana and Nana got a Harami (bastard child). Jalil helped to build the small cottage outside town and visit Mariam every Thursday even though he is a very busy man. Jalil has three new wives and nine legitimate children. Nana is a bitter woman and she is frequently reminding Mariam of her father's abandonment, and is still upset that Jalil placed the blame on her as if he had no part in their affair. However, Mariam's love for Jalil does not diminish, she dreams of getting to stay with him and be loved as he loves all his other children. But in a world in which they lived in that would have been impossible.

It's fascinating to read a book that gives the whole emotional register a spin. My eyes teared up many times while I was reading the book and once again it got me thinking about how unfair the world is. When I was five years old my parents still called me "little princess". When Mariam was five years old her mother called her a “harami”.

 Mariam's story unfolds in 1960 in Afghanistan but her life story is as important now as then. The wars in Afghanistan continues. The Taliban drives millions of people from their homes and occupied the country and the rest of the world just watching

In December 2015 my family took in two orphaned Afghani refugees who had journeyed through many countries after having been displaced by all the violence.

One of the orphans lost his parents on the journey when their group was raided by the Taliban.

Another one's parents disappeared when they were forced to get onto separate ships and were never again reunited.

This is a frightfully sad world we are living in right now when we look beyond our borders and cushioned lives.

I hope when you read this, you look at your own life and remember to feel grateful for the blessings and opportunities that your nation and your God has provided you with. How you decide to live your life and the attitude you carry about your current circumstances is your choice.

Will you complain about what's wrong and what's missing? Will you complain how your government is not providing enough for you to live comfortably? Or will you decide every morning to feel grateful and remember your life is blessed? Will you allow yourself to feel compelled to make a positive difference in the lives of others? Will you ponder how you can live a purposeful life that serves and benefits others around you? The choice is yours.


- LJemtfelt


How the mysterious dark net is going mainstream

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Online reflection 2

This was a very interesting speech by Jamie Bartlett who works as a social media analyst. He talks about "How the mysterious Dark Net is going mainstream", what this place is all about and how things works on this secret place. So what is the mysterious Dark Net all about? Basically it is a place for everyone who does not want to give up their footprints or identity and it does this by encrypting your IP address and then routing it via several other computers around the world that use the same software. The Dark Net is a parallel internet accessed by a special browser that normally people don’t use. He also explains that it is not only used by an illegal agenda, it actually contains several legitimate sites.

After listening to his entire speech in which he explains the advantages and disadvantages to encrypt and protect our identities on the Internet, I began to question if it really was, as he claimed that both sides win? There will always be criminals who will do anything to make money from example, drugs or pornography and this is a way to simplify things for these people at all levels from my point of view. I think it is wrong. Especially in the drug trade. Although there are advantages that generate a better world for those who use drugs I still feel a bit ambivalent.

Jamie Bartlett explains that by allowing users to leave feedback on products, there is a history record of the vendors and therefore people dare to buy the products and know with certainty what they get delivered and when they will receive the products. This allows life threatening drug get eliminated from the market because of the user reviews, which is a good thing but it may also do so more inexperienced users dare to buy online, and without seeing any risks. Risks makes us think about it once or twice before we buy something. To see the risks and to make a risk analysis before you buy something usually results in that you do not buy the product right away. It minimizes impulse purchases.

I see many positive effects for the opposing team (the vendors) those who for sure just want to make money. The network is already full of people who abuse their power behind their computer screen. I do not think we should advocate the freedom online. There are laws and rules for a reason and that reason should reflect our morals and respect for others.

Online reflection 1

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Our photo uploads give scientists billions of eyes on the world

This article discusses the fact that scientists or companies analyze and retrieve information from our pictures that we are posting on the internet every day, and use it in order to make certain processes more efficient and save both time and money.

These ideas are very interesting and it's a whole new world out there. We live in a different world than the one we lived in before. A world where society put more faith in technology than the ordinary mind. We live behind a computer screen and follow the news feed blindly. The fast developments in technology expect humans to integrate and adapt to this new society we are creating.

The article mention just a fraction of how we collect information through computerized systems, which in turn will be the basis for decisions materials. Many people do not reflect on this and it feels just normal for them. But there are some things that is worth mentioning or discusses.

The development of the technological world is expensive. Which means that someone or some people with a lot of money sitting on the power. Money has always been associated with power and power can always be used to manipulate and get groups of right people on their side. The news feed is easily to influence and can be designed in a way that the company wants you to perceive it.

Another issue I have, is the fact that I do not think it's enough to look at photos to analyze if there are some risks in some streets, or if the air pollution is too high. You might miss a lot of information, that other senses may notice, which can play a big role. I definitely think that we should use technology as a tool but not to collect information that may be questionable, and then make decisions based on that information.

What do you guys think?